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Map of New ZealandExperience the charm & splendour of a coastal setting at North Shore City Lifestyle City - just a short ferry ride from Downtown Auckland or drive across the harbour bridge. Discover beautiful beaches, lush native bush & spectacular views of the Hauraki Gulf. From lively cafes & restaurants to great sports & leisure pursuits, a thriving arts scene to walk in the park, you'll be sure to discover it all in North Shore City

Stay in beautiful historic villas, enjoy unspoiled sea views, or camp by the beach, and just a stones throw away from downtown Auckland. Use the site to search for accommodation, attractions & activities. Check out the dining guide & visit the what's on page for city events,.

Just an hour from Auckland International Airport, seven minutes and a drive over the Harbour Bridge from Auckland City or a short ferry ride away from downtown, you'll find North Shore City, New Zealand's fourth largest city. North Shore City boasts a lifestyle and environment that set it apart as a destination for homemakers, pleasure-seekers and business people.

The natural advantages of a warm climate, beautiful beaches and spectacular scenery contribute to the popularity of one of the most vibrant cities in New Zealand. To find out more about North Shore City click on one of the links on the left of the page.

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